Now that’s what I call justice 

My blood is boiling. 

The last person was a neo-Nazi they’re not SJ LOL

You should never ignore the “radicals” of a group, especially this group in particular, because they are making your entire movement look like this. Shit like this is the majority now precisely because no one ever called out their fellow social justice warriors for being irrational and radical and this kind of rhetoric became more and more commonplace and accepted because people on tumblr generally believe every fuckin’ thing they see and read, logic and academic sources be damned.

People like this are why  for gender equality don’t call themselves Feminists. People like this are why the backlash on social justice is so harsh. 

If you want to defend your movement, don’t just dismiss this shit. Address it and help to destroy the ideologies of people who think this way. Work to actually HELP people instead of brushing your “radicals” to the side. If y’all don’t, it will only get worse and soon the only people who will be willing to associate with social justice at all are radical extremists and it’s already very, very close to that point.

Extremists on either side of the spectrum are still extremists and are still equally bad.

Taylor, you are perfection.